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Neuroophthalmologic Diagnosis of the Sella Turca Region

S. Kovačević
B. Cerovski
Z. Bujger
Z. Paštar
J. Petrović

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str. 63-66

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A chiasm n. optici is shaped by crossed optic nerves. Approximate vertical distance of
10 mm separates chiasm from dorsum sella turca and pituitary fosse. Twenty-five percent
of all cerebral tumors appear in the chiasm area and almost half of them cause
damages of visual function. Major and sometimes the only symptom is progressive visual
loss. This damage appears because tumor masses are huge and are compressing
optic nerves. Sellar region lesions must already be spreading suprasellary before patient
can notice visual field defects. The sign of advanced process is symmetric or asymmetric
loss of visual acuity or visual field defects. The aim of this study was to show the importance
of visual field in the diagnosis of sellar disorders as well as in treatments. Eighteen
patients with chiasm disorders were analyzed. Visual field was analyzed before
and after treatment according to visual field classifications. The study has shown the
importance of visual field testing in diagnosis of sellar processes, as well as in following
therapy, surgical or conservative.

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