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Polymethyl – Methacrylate Implants in Forehead and Supraorbital Arches Reconstruction: Retrospective Study

I. Luštica
M. Velepič
N. Cvjetković
M. Bonifačić
N. Kirinčić
M. Juretić
Z. Braut

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str. 137-143

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Frontobasal injuries and some other diseases of frontal sinuses sometimes require
radical surgery with the obliteration of the sinus. A cosmetic correction of the forehead
and supraorbital arches has to be performed after such a procedure. Nowadays, there is
a wide choice of alloplastic materials on the market. We tried polymethyl methacrylate
implants in correction of the exterior appearance of the forehead and supraorbital arches
and followed the behaviour of the implants up to 25 years after surgery. The result
was 18 (94,7%) successful implantations and one failure (5,3%) with a mild sagging of
the borders of the implant. Polymethyl-methacrylate proved pliable for work and modelling,
not invasive for the organism and stable. In conclusion, the cure of some frontobasal
injuries and diseases with the first surgical step followed by cosmetic correction
of the forehead and supraorbital arches (2nd surgical step) using this alloplastic material
provides a safe, durable and aesthetically satisfactory solution for the patient.

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