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Lodoxamide as Adjuvant Therapy in Patients with Dry Eye

I. Petriček
R. Pokupec
G. Petriček
J. x J. Salopek-Rabatić

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str. 149-152

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Dry eye, due to its impaired function of tear film becomes more susceptible to all
kinds of airborne allergens. Due to air pollution this is more marked in urban areas,
and is compounded by the modern way of life. There are various standard topical medications
which alleviate allergic reaction of the eye, but many of them must be administered
with caution and only on short term due to their potentially hazardous side effects.
The purpose of this work is to assess the efficacy of lodoxamide, a new antiallergic medication
for topical use, whose advantage is low or absent risk of adverse side effects, in alleviating
local allergic reactions of the eye in patients with dry eye. Research has shown
that, compared to treatment with eye lubricants alone (artificial tears), treatment with
artificial tears combined with lodoxamide has resulted in more marked decrease in the
signs of inflammation, and to the lesser extent to the reduction of the symptoms as well.

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