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Syndroma: Glaucoma Pigmentatum Primarium – Pigmented Glaucoma

B. Vojniković
S. Njirić
L. Bojić
D. Kovačević

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str. 127-130

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In this study pigmented glaucoma was diagnosed in 29 out of 4350 patients suffering
from glaucoma. In clinical analysis of those cases main attention was put on Krukenberg
spindle with emphasis on the process and reason of its development. In all cases
of Krukenberg spindle moderate myopia and myopic astigmatism were present. The
main axis of the spindle lies in the principal meridian of corneal astigmatism. The principal
meridian of the anterior cornea surface corresponds with the axis of the principal
meridian of the posterior corneal surface. The higher degree of astigmatism more pronounced
Krukenberg spindle. This corresponds to a number of cases in which the spindle
is hardly recognisable in the astigmatism, of only 0.25 to 0.50 Dcyl. The axis of
meridian corresponds to direct astigmatism (from 110° to 70°). The authors conclude
that there is no pigmented Krukenberg spindle without myopic astigmatism. It is for
this reason and because of the inheritance factor that this type of glaucoma should be
considered primary glaucoma and a separate clinical entity.

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