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Transport companies based on their size and management type: has Covid-19 conditioned their solvency?

Vera Gelashvili
Alba Gomez-Ortega
Sandra Flores-Ureba

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Transport is one of the essential services contributing to a country’s
development. The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has
affected different sectors, one of the most affected being public
transport services. In Spain there are several transport companies,
some of them are public, and others are private. The main objective
of this paper is to study the profitability, liquidity, and solvency
situation of transport companies considering their size and
type of management. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on
transport companies will be analyzed too. After descriptive analysis
of the companies by ratios, the Altman Z-score indicator has
been used. This methodology has been used to assess whether
the health crisis has compromised the solvency of these companies.
The results have shown that privately managed companies
are healthier and have a lower risk of insolvency than public companies.
In addition, small companies were more solvent than big
companies. This study is an essential contribution to the academic
literature, public administration, and management of companies

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Public transport; Covid-19; type of management; company size; solvency; Z-score

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