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Letter from new editor-in-chief

Mario Novak ; Institut za antropologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The Editorial Board and new Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Bioanthropology proudly present the latest volume, featuring groundbreaking research in bioanthropology globally. Included are diverse studies on dermatoglyphic traits, molecular genetics in forensics, and analyses of ancient human skeletal remains. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, this volume marks a shift towards addressing varied bioanthropological topics. Notably, the submission process introduces the Authorship Statement, mandating co-authors' agreement on roles and responsibilities, and a Data Availability Statement for transparency in data sharing. The Editorial Board anticipates an engaging future, inviting contributions and promising exciting research discussions in the dynamic field of bioanthropology throughout 2024.

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Dear readers and authors,

Greetings from the Editorial Board and your new Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Bioanthropology. I am extremely honoured to present to you the next volume of our journal containing novel and exciting research from the field of bioanthropology from different parts of the globe. In this volume we have original research articles, review articles as well as short communications spanning from the analysis of dermatoglyphic traits in modern populations, molecular genetic analyses in forensic contexts to the studies of human skeletal remains from the ancient past. I have to say that I am quite excited to have the opportunity to publish papers dealing with diverse topics and issues in bioanthropology taking multi- and transdisciplinary research approaches. Hopefully, this is the direction the journal will also take in the near future.

Starting with this volume, we introduced some novelties in the submission process. All authors submitting their manuscript for a possible publication in Journal of Bioanthropology have to agree to the Authorship Statement. This separate document has to be signed by all co-authors acknowledging their role in the planning and execution of the research and writing the manuscript, but also agreeing that their names are listed as co-authors if the manuscript is accepted for publication. The second novelty is the introduction of the Data Availability Statement as an essential part of the manuscript. All accepted manuscripts will be required to publish such a statement to confirm the presence or absence of shared data. If the authors have shared data, the statement will describe how the data can be accessed by including an identifier from the repository where the data was shared. Authors will be also required to confirm adherence to the policy. If the data cannot be shared due to various reasons the authors will have to provide the appropriate data availability statement.

I hope you will enjoy reading this volume of Journal of Bioanthropology at least as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. The whole Editorial Board and I as the Editor-in-Chief are looking forward to receiving your future contributions and exciting research. Hopefully, there will be a lot of new studies and discoveries in the field of bioanthropology to talk about in 2024.

Dr. Mario Novak,

senior research associate

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