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Virtue Ethics, Managerial Profession and Personality Traits: The Extension of Mintzberg's Managerial Traits

Irena Bilić ; Algebra University College, Croatia
Dinko Primorac ; University North, Croatia
Željka Marčinko Trkulja ; Libertas International University, Croatia

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Background: In the dynamic realm of business, ethics serves as a critical compass, guiding the delineation between right and wrong actions. Gaining momentum as a focal point within organisational discourse, the concept of ethics has burgeoned into a cornerstone element of corporate identity and operations. Objectives: This study aims to dissect the theoretical underpinnings of moral virtues—specifically wisdom, justice, courage, and restraint—and their intersection with the managerial profession and associated personality traits. We propose the extension of the Mintzberg model of managerial traits from the perspective of virtue ethics. Methods/Approach: Employing a theoretical review methodology, this investigation traverses through each identified moral virtue, engaging with contemporary research and scholarly publications within the domain of virtue ethics. Results: The analysis affirms that virtue ethics, with its emphasis on character and morality, is instrumental in shaping the framework for managerial conduct and decision-making. The exploration identifies a symbiotic relationship between managerial virtues within the Mintzberg model of managerial traits, highlighting how these elements collectively contribute to the effectiveness and ethical grounding of managerial practices. Conclusions: The findings underscore the indispensability of moral virtues and specific personality traits in the cultivation of proficient and ethically oriented managerial professionals. The extended Mintzberg model can be a relevant starting point for a more detailed discussion regarding virtue ethics in a globalised economy.

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economy; ethics; managerial profession; personality; managerial traits; Mintzberg; managerial roles

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