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Collision of Profession, Politics, and the Public: ‎Biomedical And Healthcare Professionals’ Perspective ‎On the Crisis Induced by The Covid-19 Pandemic‎

Marija Brajdić Vuković orcid id ; Institut za društvena istraživanja, Zagreb

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This paper deals with the relationship between science and politics and social ‎responsibility of science during social crises that have consequences for the ‎survival and well-being of citizens. The analysis is based on the data analysis ‎of nine interviews conducted with Croatian biomedical experts who were on ‎the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic (2020-2022), whether they ‎were involved in the adoption of pandemic measures or in mitigating the con‎sequences. The results show that science had internal discussions during the ‎crisis, but the complex relationship between politics and science, and science ‎and the media comes into focus, because those difficulties have spilled over ‎to the relationship between science and the public. The paper discusses these ‎findings in the context of the social responsibility of science, but also under‎lines the importance of understanding the socio-political context and manag‎ing policies in constant dialogue with important sectors of society.‎

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Social Responsibility of Science; Social Crisis Governance; Science-Based Policy; COVID-19 Pandemic

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