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The Significance and Role of Science And Technology in The Development of Capabilities of Croatian Armed Forces

Marko Zečević orcid id ; Hrvatsko vojno učilište “Dr. Franjo Tuđman”
Marijan Paljević ; Hrvatsko vojno učilište “Dr. Franjo Tuđman”
Andrija Kozina orcid id ; Hrvatsko vojno učilište “Dr. Franjo Tuđman”

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Science is inadequately represented in the defense capabilities development ‎of the Republic of Croatia. There are no recognized scientific organizations ‎at the state level that specialize in defense and security, except in the segment ‎that includes social sciences. The Croatian Armed Forces (CAF) possess only ‎the initial organizational and personnel prerequisites for systematic integration of science in the development and modernization of military and defense ‎capabilities – largely due to the unfavorable historical legacy of a non-existent ‎or limited state-law framework that failed to develop defense and security as ‎a state function. With the cooperation of the government, academic commu‎nity, and industry, this deficiency can be compensated by drawing on the best ‎international experiences of NATO and the EU and building a viable national ‎“triple helix” model for attaining the required defense capabilities. CAF mod‎ernization should be centered on an objective foresight of the future strategic ‎context and the provision of appropriate combat systems and equipment.‎

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Science; Military Capabilities; Strategic Context; Armed Forces Modernization; NATO/EU

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