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The ϱ° meson width and the vector meson dominant model

A. Bramon ; Instituta de Fisica Teorica, Barcelona (Grupo Interuniversitario de Fisica Teorica)

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The vector meson dominant model introduced by Gell-Mann, Sharp and Wagner 1) has been extensively used during the last years leading to an important amount of conclusions which are in reasonable agreement with the experiments.
In most of these cases the experimental value of the eϱ meson width or, equivalently, the g ϱ π π coupling constant has played a rather essential role in order to obtain the final numerical results 2). Unfortunately, the experimental situation concerning the value of the ϱ° width is not satisfactory. In fact, some recent experiments, performed with the technique of e+ e­ colliding beams, have lead to the values r(ϱ° → π + π -) = 93 ± 15 MeV 3) and 105 ± 20 MeV 4) whereas several authors 5) have obtained during the last years and with different techniques values of the order of 170 MeV.

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