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Survey of international labor organization conventions on health and safety at work

Marinko Đ. Učur ; Rijeka, Hrvatska
Cvetan Kovač ; ESSE - Europsko društvo inženjera sigurnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ivana Krišto ; Grad Zagreb, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ana Šijaković ; ESSE - Europsko društvo inženjera sigurnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 151-163

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The paper presents the conventions set by the International Labor Organization with special emphasis on those conventions covering the issues of health and safety at work as universal, written sources governing modern-day (collective and individual) work relations. It is a natural right (human right, right of man) to enjoy just and favorable working conditions that ensure: the rights to pay and compensation, equal for equal working conditions, i.e. of equal value without any discrimination, equality of men and women, decent life of the workers and their families, safe and healthy working conditions, equal opportunities for promotion, limited working hours, the right to rest and holidays, paid holidays and other rights. Despite the variations in the classification of the conventions, the paper presents the conventions of the International Labor Organization that the Republic of Croatia has ratified, (in the chronological order in which they were adopted, for it is the sequence in the passing of the conventions that testifies to the development of the labor law and the care for the working and living conditions of workers. A separate section of this paper addresses the convention in the field of safety and health at work.

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International Labor Organization, safety at work, health at work, conventions, ratification, the Republic of Croatia

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