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Hydrogen as a Viable Energy Source in Maritime Coastal Transport

Tomislav Bukša ; Jadrolinija d.d., Riva 16, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia *
Juraj Bukša ; Adriatic Croatia International Club – ACI d.d., Rudolfa Strohala 2, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

* Autor za dopisivanje.

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Coastal areas and islands, particularly due to their unique geographical and climatic conditions, are
among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Achieving decarbonization goals requires
profound and innovative changes. In this context, islands stand out as ideal locations for experimenting
with the green transition, where new ideas and alternative approaches can be tested. A special focus
is placed on hydrogen (H2) based technologies, which are emerging as promising allies in generating
renewable energy on islands, including energy storage aspects. Considering the abundance of sunlight,
for example on remote Adriatic islands, there is significant potential for combining renewable sources
and hydrogen-based technologies in producing “green hydrogen” using solar technologies. Hydrogen
production using solar energy, as a clean energy source, can be carried out directly or indirectly through
the use of solar energy for water electrolysis. The rapid development of this technology raises questions
about the level of political support needed for its expansion and encouragement.
The growing concern of society and political actors regarding greenhouse gas emissions and air
pollution is increasingly directing attention to emissions from the maritime sector. Hydrogen is
considered as a potentially clean fuel for the maritime sector, with the possibility of production from
renewable energy sources, despite the maritime sector’s currently limited experience with this fuel.
The use of alternative fuels in maritime transport has been at the center of intense research and debate
over the past twenty years, exploring numerous possibilities for different types of ships. Challenges
associated with pollutant emissions in ports and coastal areas by ship engines have been highlighted
as key drivers for the exploration and application of innovative and alternative fuels in the maritime
transport sector.

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green hydrogen, maritime coastal transport, renewable energy sources

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