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Jadranka Luca-Mrđen

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Sexually aggressive adolescent is defined as a young person between 13 and 18 years of age who engages in a sexual behaviour deemed as inappropriate by society. Experts consider that such behaviour is not primarily sexually motivated, but it is usually the offence of aggression against or control of others, which is expressed by a sexual act. This paper describes empirical indications, theoretical precepts and clinical characteristics of sexually aggressive adolescents. The outline of basic characteristics in defining and classifying sexually aggressive behaviour of adolescents is given, as well as the procedures in obtaining the data on the offender and risk assessment techniques. The final part of the paper describes possible interventions and the treatment through multi-systematic therapy, the theoretical precepts and clinical characteristics of which pointed out to the multiple nature of serious antisocial behaviour of a special category of behavioural disorder in the adolescent age.

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sexually aggressive adolescent; sexual violence; delinquency; minor

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