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Typology of Armed Conflicts on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia in the 1990's

Matjaž Klemenčič

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Yugoslavia became a nation in 1919 and it ceased to exist as a nation in 1991/92. It was always a problem for a social scientist or a historian to explain to the English speaking audience that there were many "nations" living in Yugoslavia. It was even a matter of pride and courage in 1980s to say in front of international audience that one came from Slovenia or Croatia which happened to be in Yugoslavia. The rebellion in Chechnya started as national uprising became a war for independence and is today considered by many as terrorist activity. Yugoslavia was a nation in 1991 and so for the outside spectators civil war started in Yugoslavia in 1991 when Slovenia and Croatia declared indepen¬dence. Already during the Ten-day war for Slovenia one could hear journalists speaking on TV that a peaceful land was attacked by Yugoslav Army... The armed conflicts in the territory of former Yugoslavia could be considered a rebellion, or a civil war. When Croats and Serbs fought in Croatia, this could be considered a rebellion from the point of view of the nation of Croatia or a civil war by Serb rebels.
In my paper the dilemmas of how to name those conflicts will be discussed. In the introduction I shall start with typology of wars and violence in the territory of the former Yugoslavia from the 19th century onwards and continue into the 20th century. The issues of conflicts that occurred during World War II shall be discussed in brief and then the typology of conflicts on the territories of former Yugoslavia in 1990s which I touched upon already above. In first years of the new millennium the conflicts continued in Macedonia and there are conflicts on Piran bay for which we all hope that shall be resolved peacefully.

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Yugoslavia; armed conflict; war; violence

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