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Achievements and Failures of the Economic Development of Croatia in the Past Century

Stjenko Vranjican ; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 333-344

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As the introduction, the author sums up the striking features of the socio-economic development of Croatia in the past century in six relevant facts. By quoting Maria Theresa’s decisions about the development of ‘harmless manufactures’, the author emphasises the historical genesis of the economic underdevelopment of Croatia. The hegemonistic policy implemented through two historical stages of the Croatian inclusion in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Yugoslav Monarchy have left traces that are still present. The industrialisation process after World War II did not yield satisfactory results, in spite of the investments. In comparison with the countries that have a similar level of development, Croatia realised a significantly lower growth of GDP than the potential one. The gap in the economic development that separates Croatia from highly developed countries has not been reduced. In the period after gaining full sovereignty, Croatia did not take advantage of the historical opportunity to form its own economic development in accordance with the authentic interests and aims. The uncritical acceptance of the suggestions by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, poorly conducted privatisation and economic policy that discouraged the production sector, as well as unreasonable opening to foreign competition yielded exceptionally negative results. A considerable part of the production potential has been destroyed, the overall foreign debt exceeded the amount of 30 billion USD, and lagging behind the developed countries of the region and the world surpassed the one from several decades ago. Therefore the overall assessment of the centennial efforts in the economic development of Croatia is unfavourable.

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Development, policy of development, hegemony, sovereignty

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