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Positon of the Serbs in the Armed Forces of the Independent State of Croatia 1941. - 1945.

Nikica Barić

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The article deals with the position of Serbs in the regular army (Home Guard) of the Independent State of Croatia (ISC). Immediately after the establishment of ISC in April 1941, Serbs were not included in Croatian Home Guard. They were not allowed to serve in Home Guard as officers or non commissioned officers. Serb reservists and recruits were not called to serve in the Home Guard units. In the first period after the establishment of ISC, Serb population was victim of numerous crimes committed by the Ustasha regime and various self-established Ustasha groups. Such development only contributed to the massive uprising of Serbs against the ISC, which later developed into a well organized partisan movement. In early 1942, Croatian authorities changed their attitude toward Serbs and introduced a more moderate policy in order to secure their loyalty. Home guard began establishing special labour units which were filled mostly with Serbs. Many Serbs were also sent to Third Reich as labour force. In the final period of war Serbs were even allowed to enter the fighting units of Home Guard.

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World War II; Independent State of Croatia; Croatian Home Guard; Serbs; Ustasha movement; Home Guard labour units

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