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Persons with Disability and Poverty

Zdravka Leutar ; Studijski centar socijalnog rada, Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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This paper analyses the socio-economic status of the disabled persons in the society. The first part discusses social exclusion and poverty as relative terms. The author refers to some of the latest European researches related to poorer socio-economic status of disabled persons compared to the status of other citizens. Then, using the scarce research conducted on the subject, the author turns to the status of disabled persons in Croatia analysing the findings of the research The Quality of Life of Disabled Persons' Families in Croatia. The research sample consisted of 468 disabled persons from all parts of Croatia. The data were gathered through semi-structured surveys. Variables used in the analyses included: working status, self-assessment of financial status, average monthly income per household, housing conditions and access to various forms of social transfers.
The results confirmed the poor financial status of disabled persons. The majority of them are unemployed. They estimate their financial status to be bad, which is further supported by their monthly income. The two thirds can barely make ends meet. Their housing conditions are slightly better. In terms of social transfers, they are receiving them only when they are informed of this possibility. They believe that they can improve their situation if society enables their employment and increases social benefits in accordance with their needs.
Similarly to other European researches, this one has also shown that in terms of poverty, disabled persons are an at-risk group.

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disabled persons, poverty, working status, material conditions, housing conditions, social transfers

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