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War Or Peace? – Military Organizations in Northern Ireland and Their Categorization

Mirko Bilandžić

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str. 147-173

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The conflict in Northern Ireland, whose modern phase began in 1969, is highly complex and it is impossible to unequivocally define it. On the one hand, it is an internal conflict with the elements of an ethnic, religious and civil strife, and on the other, this is a conflict with a
critical international dimension. There have been various definitions of the conflict in Northern Ireland, but one thing is certain: this is undoubtedly one of the most prolonged and bloodiest conflicts in modern Europe. In the focus of contemporary Northern Ireland’s conflict there is terorrism. This paper gives outline of the military organizations in Northern Ireland. Analysis reveals that military organizations in Northern Ireland are in fact terorrist organizations.
Some of them have been existed for almost a century.

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United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, conflict, terorrism, terorrist organization, protestants, catholics

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