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The Principles of Warfare: The Aspects of Transformation and Becoming Dated

Ivo Paić

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str. 51-68

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The problem of this research is an unovercome belief that despite the changes of the reality of war and warfare, stable relation between principles and that changeable reality still prevails. The main question is whether that belief is an indicator of principles and inappropriateness of these structures for demands of the changed "image of war" becoming dated, so that some parts of its content belong to history. Two ways of looking on the understanding aspects of becoming dated have been pointed out. One of them opens with radical penetration of time into principles: "competing in time" becomes central notion in the maneuvering warfare. The author extends that notion to the entirety of war reality. He demonstrates that structures of principles enter the circle of competition in pace (by repeatedly coming across evaluation, orientation, deciding and acting processes), undergo changes and become outdated
(exemplarily: "manoeuvre"). The other perspective deals with the problems and the consequences of unclear boundaries of phenomena, which are covered by doctrines dealing with low intensity conflicts (semantic spheres, semantic fields). It also deals
with transformations of principles and their becoming dated by infusing the military logic into political grammar, especially in the strategies of forcing the other side to avoid conflict, to stop it, to return to the original state etc. In the sequence of exposition the author describes the outlines of reversing hierarchy, principle connections, the meaning of "to be faster" in the circle of competition and in transformational logic (the modification of "Boyd`s circle"), the principle "destruction" as a relict, warfare without the "essence of war", "War" as master signifier and an empty space, principles
which take over (until destruction) areas unfamiliar to them; redirecting of LIC; towards the end he explains the basic problems concerning the relation Nuclear bomb - Virtual war - LIC in order to show conditions of "allowed" conflict area.

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principle, competition in time, manoeuvre, Boydís circle, becoming dated, absolute war, Virtual war, LIC, semantic field, semantic sphere

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