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Possible Directions of Development of the Croatian Navy Fleet Between the Years 2000 and 2015

Boris Švel

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The paper introduces a survey of the models of maritime defence of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea in recent history, an estimate of the present condition of the Croatian navy and projection of its possible development in future. The authorís starting point is the presumption that, taking into consideration present structure and the
age of vessels, the Croatian navy is inadequate for future tasks of successful deterrence, participation in international operations as well as protection of national interests in peacetime. Using the experience of countries like Finland and Israel as the starting point, along
with world tendencies in development of fleets of small countries, in paper are being studied possible types of medium-term development of the Croatian navy along with the development of traditionally structured or modular fleet and their advantages and
disadvantages, taking into account Croatian needs and capacity as well as possible participation in transnational defence organizations.
The ideas set forth in the text are of informal nature and do not represent complete and definite solutions, but only some of the possible directions of further development. In putting together this proposal the author laid emphasis on Fleet. I.e. war ships and submarines as well as air component. The questions concerning the structure of the Croatian navy in general, the forces of the Coastal Service of Observation and Informing, Coast artillery and naval infantry, as well as the education and land infrastructure havenít been dealt with in this paper.

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the Croatian Navy, the fleet, development, frigate, corvette (submarine chopper), guided missile frigate, Offshore Patrol wessel, submarine, helicopter

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