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Sealing of Fissures with Compomer Material: Retention After 12 Months

Domagoj Glavina
Martina Majstorović
Dubravka Negovetić-Vranić
Kristina Škrinjarić

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Compomer materials combine some properties of glass ionomer cements as well as composite materials. The aim of this study was to evaluate the retention rate of compomer, used as a fissure sealing material after a clinical trial of twelve months. Eighty teeth, divided into three groups were sealed with compomer material (Compoglass, Vivadent) after different treatment of the occlusal surfaces. Group A comprised 24 teeth, sealed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Group B consisted of 36 teeth, etched with 37% phosphoric acid and original adhesive system applied. In Group C 27 teeth were sealed after etching of occlusal surfaces with 37% phosphoric acid following application of adhesive system (Optibond, Kerr). After twelve months the retention rate in Group A was 87.5%. Sealant was completely or partially missing in 3 teeth. In Group B retention rate was 86.1% with sealant completely or partially missing in 5 teeth while in Group C 77.8% of the teeth were completely sealed and in 6 teeth the sealant was completely or partially missing. Student t-test did not reveal statistically significant difference between the groups and techniques of sealing. Generally, retention rate of 87 teeth sealed with compomer material after 12 months of clinical service was 83.9% (sealant intact in 73 teeth) with no new caries lesions. Results are comparable with results obtained using classic composite sealant materials and can be recommended in everyday practice. However, long-term evaluation is still needed to obtain more reliable data.

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compomer material, sealant, fissure

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