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Seal Materials as a Retrograde-Fill in an Ultrasonically Prepared Cavity

Zoran Karlović
Sonja Pezelj-Ribarić
Ivana Miletić
Davor Katanec
Ivica Anić

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The aim of the study was to evaluate the sealing quality of mineral threeoxide aggregate (MTA), Super EBA and IRM cement in an ultrasonically prepared cavity using a dye penetrating technique. The experiment was carried out on 35 single rooted permanent teeth. Their roots were treated by a conventional “step back” technique and filled by a cool lateral condensation technique. After hardening in a physiological solution, root-ends were resectioned and a retrograde cavity 1.5 mm in diameter, 3 mm deep was prepared by an ultrasonic tip. MTA, Super EBA, IRM, filled ten samples and a control group of 5 samples were filled by amalgam. A dye was added to the samples, which were left in a testing rood. After reaching tooth transparency, results were noted by a stereomicroscope with the use of a calibrated scale on the ocular. Statistical results indicated that samples filled with MTA had least leakage in comparison to those filled with IRM and Super EBA cement.

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Ultrasonic, Super EBA, IRM, MTA

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