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Which Categories Do We Use ln Questionnaires and Evaluation Scales?

Josip BURUŠIĆ ; Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, Zagreb

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str. 137-152

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ln the measuring procedures in which evaluation scales,
questionnaires and other techniques of evaluation are used
and which contain verbal expressions of quantity such as
"often", "a little", "never", "a lot" etc, we are confronted with a
kind of paradox. This is reflected in the fact that in terms of
meaning we use innacurate and elusive verbal expressions in
order to describe quantitatively ("accurately") the existence or
lack of certain variables among respondents. The aim of this
research is to examine the quantitative meaning of the most
often used verbal quantifiers of frequency and to propose,
based on the results obtained, several evaluation scales
which would be statistically most justified for practical usage.

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