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Confidence in Institutions in Croatia

Stjepan Baloban orcid id ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ivan Rimac ; Institut društvenih znanosti «Ivo Pilar», Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Among the general population, confidence in certain institutions in Croatia was analysed: state institutions, the Church, unions, new movements, and some international organisations. Those tested showed the greatest faith in the Church, the army, schools and the police, as institutions which insure physical and psychological stability in a society which has recently come out of a war. Among the institutions which fall into the group in which testees have confidence are: human rights' movements, environmental movements, the legal system, Croatian Catholic Radio, and women's movements, while the least confidence was shown towards the media and new private businesses. Analysis of the structure of answers shows a clear grouping of judgements of institutions into three categories: the factor of state institutions, the media factor, and the factor of international institutions and new movements. Placement of the Church along with state institutions, shows that in Croatia traditional values are present to a considerable degree, while a relatively prominent faith in new movements reveals an element of a postmaterialistic value framework,

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confidence, institutions, Church, state, tradition

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