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Stjepan Radić’s speeches held in Dalmatia in 1926

Franko Mirošević ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Using newspapers, the relevant literature and archival sources the author in this article describes the speeches Stjepan Radić held in Dalmatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1926. At this time there was an agreement between the Croatian Peasant party and the Radical party so that alongside ministers from the Croatian Peasant party there were Radical ministers in the government. However, this did not prevent Radić from openly speaking out about the unhealthy political conditions in the country, chiefly criticizing his political partners, the Radicals. These outbursts put under a question mark Radić’s collaboration with the Radical party. The author analyzes the speeches, makes evaluations and offers some conclusions.

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agreement, equality, Serbs, Croats, Radić’s followers, the Radicals, centralism, federalism, corruption

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