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Ivo Šimunović ; Ekonomski fakultet, Split

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The regional concept of development in Croatia appears at a time when regionalism
has been raised to the level where it becomes the di/emma of the development of
Croatian society. Instead of dealing with itcrudely and erroneously and often bringing
it to the very edge of social thought "for" and "against", the author of this paper
attempts to consider regionalism as a natural and universal process engaging all
contemporary societies. The regional movement is discussed in both historical and
current developmental context. The intention is to shed light upon its natural process
quality and defend its positive role in the economic life and political constitution of
the modern Croatian state. The author begins the text by presenting the historical
course of regionalism in Croatia and by criticizing the attitude of politics towards
regional function. In fact, this is a situation in which the natural characteristics of
regionalismare being improperly "violated" by political aims, which have virtually
distorted the concept of regionalism in this country. The second part deals with the
development of the regional movement in Croatia from the natural course of European
regional movements, the regional division being enforced from the context of
the historical and spacial constitution of Europe. Finally, the author turns towards the
future offering a contemporary approach to the regional concept of Croatia in which
the natural and economic elements of the regional system are dominant. They should
be the ones to conceive the political regional constitution of Croatia.

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