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Improvement of Forestry Office Business Operation by Developing Basic Managing Functions

Gabrijel Horvat orcid id ; Hrvatske šume, UŠP Koprivnica, Šumarija Ludbreg

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The analysis of business operation of forestry office, as the basic and fundamental organization unit in the Republic of Croatia, was done on the model of Ludbreg forestry office that lies within Forestry Head Office, Koprivnica Branch. In the process of analysis, the forestry office was presented through the survey of its complete organizational structure as well as its business operation and legislative regulations of Croatian forestry. In the research all the functions of forestry were analysed, such as productivity function, the function of protection and preservation of forests as well as the function of public education. The following methods were applied in the process of analysing ana evaluating: - SWOT analysis Based on SWOT analysis results, the fundamental strength lies within the qualified and motivated human resources supported by stable financing. Most of the factors of weaknesses within are the result of and are connnected to higher-ranked organizational system containing oversized hierarchy of decision making - There are possibilities to decrease the existing suborganizations of the main managing functions without destroying the basic principles of the organization and bussines protocols, as well as the possibility of developing new operations together with strengthening the public role of Forestry. - Poll Poll was made on the sample of 50 respondents from the various institutions, organizations or societies in the local area, such as local government, eductional institutions, and citizen´s associations. It included respondents selected by gender, degree of education and the fact whether they owned the private forests or not. The aim of the poll was to establish the role of forester´s work in the local area. The result of the poll showed that there is a serious interest in the well beeing and prosperity of the forests and environment among the public.The role and importance of the forester is regarded by the public quite high and this profession is considered to be important, ranked immediately after a doctor and a teacher, and before a vet and a lawyer. A full confidence regarding the management of forests is given to forestry profession. - Analysis of basic management functions Planning - within the sphere of planning it is suggested to include forestries into the decission making on the strategic level through the possibilities of widening the range of activities (ore and mineral resources, drinking water, plantations, transplanting and similar activities). It can be achieved by including forestry personnel into the working groups, ad hoc groups or teams especially when the development and application of local norms is the issue. Organization - an approach to organize forestries into the profit centres with liberal organization scheme is suggested, as well as more modern forms of organization (project organization, Free Form Design). Managing the human resources - to define and enable for the qualified personnel the conditions of professional development and improvement applying the principle of permanent and whole life education. Leadership - team effort should be emphasized, supported and followed by stimulating bonuses as a reward. Control - the function of natural and financial control should be implemented by means of correct and timely system of information applying the systems and norms of quality control (such as ISO standard). On the basis of these researches and analysis the following general conclusions in connection with the improvement of forestry office business operation, were drawn: 1. the improvement of forestry office business operation is welcome, necessary, and inevitable in the light of further development of management functions within the frame of contemporary management concepts as well as constantly changable circumstances of business operation and conditions of environment and millieu; 2. business operation improvement is of the utmost importance as the operative support in the forthcoming restructuring of the firm; 3. business operation improvement must be supported by human resources whose qualifications, further stimulated by organizational and motivational means, play the crucial role in the forthcoming breakthrough; 4. the improvement of business operation mostly entails transformation of the managing functions in order to achieve better adjustment to the targets of modern multifunctional forestry as stated in the conditions of approved FSC certificate, which tends to be the mode of socially responsible forestry managing; as well as it entails the adjustment ond acquirement of the quality control norms (ISO 9000:2001; ISO 14000); 5. each improvement of forestry office business operation should proceed from location and position of the basic unit within the business operating system where the basic public and commercial activities of forestry department have been performed; 6. evaluation of possible contributions in the improvement of each and every management function should comprise the best examples of its realization in everyday practice within the comparative fields of activities constantly bearing in mind Croatian orientation for the concept of integral and multipurpose managing of forests and forestry resources; 7. improvement of business operation must equally refer to the commercial as pect of forestry office operation, as well as to its public educational func tion within the given environment so that it can motivate and inform this public about the importance of protection and preservation of forests in order to win it over and convince it that it is essential to have expert and res ponsible forestry management by competent forestry science and practice.

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