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Endomedullary Radiofrequency Ablation of Metastatic Lesion of the Right Femur 5 years after Primary Breast Carcinoma: A Case Report

Mate Majerović
Goran Augustin
Željko Jelinčić
Damir Buković
Ivan Burcar
Dubravko Smuđ
Tihomir Kekez
Emil Kinda
Petar Matošević
Josip Turčić

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Metastatic tumors of the long bones usually present with severe pain refractory to analgesic therapy. Pathologic fractures
of the bone may lead to the significant decrease of patient’s quality of life and necessitate further surgical therapy.
We present 66 year old female with metastatic left breast carcinoma (T2N0M0) diagnosed 5 years before presentation of
the metastatic lesion of the right femur causing severe pain in the middle of the right upper leg. Pain persisted after palliative
irradiation therapy. We performed radiofrequency ablation of the metastatic lesion of the right femur using
R.I.T.A. Medical System Generator. This resulted in total necrosis of the tumor mass that caused osteolysis of the internal
part of the femoral cortex. First three months after RFA procedure, the pain and tenderness were absent and normal
daily activities were performed without restrictions.

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bone metastasis, femur, radiofrequency ablation, tumor necrosis

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