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Nikolina Benić ; OŠ Matija Antun Reljković, Davor, Hrvatska

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The paper deals with the speech of Davor, a village in Slavonian Posavina,
with respect to the Slavonian dialect and the standard Croatian language. At the
phonological level the sounds are studied, as well as their elision, substitution and
contraction while the morphological analysis deals with the parts of speech and their
changes. With regard to the word formation the ways of creating new words are
analysed whereby special emphasis is placed on the ethnics and personal names. The
syntactic analysis deals with the specifics of the sentence, cases and congruence while at
the lexical level the vocabulary potential is examined, in particular phrasemes, syntagms
and proverbs. The traits of the Slavonian dialect are well preserved in the speech of
Davor. In addition to the circumflex accent, the old traits in morphology are well
preserved too. Belonging to the rare speeches of the Slavonian dialect, the speech of
Davor keeps a zero morpheme in the genitive plural. Mostly it has the unequalized
dative, locative and instrumental plural. Additionally, the indefinite forms of adjectives
are preserved.

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dialectology, Slavonian dialect, speech of Davor, phonology, morphology, syntax, vocabulary

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