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On Design, Measurement Tools and Robust Control of Wireless Telecommunication Networks

Jyotirmay Gadewadikar
Ognjen Kuljaca
Frank L. Lewis

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Over the years a lot of rigorous mathematical analysis has been done by systems and controls community for the optimization of multivariable systems with a mathematically rigorous systems theoretic approach. In parallel, wireless telecommunication industry was working on performance measurement analysis tools achieving demonstrable optimization. This paper will elaborate on the need for finding common grounds these two approaches. Some existing measurement tools are also presented. Decision on measurement tools in design of telecommunications networks implies tradeoffs between reliability, capacity, and the economics in meeting customer demands. The paper first identifies the parameters which can and should be measured to facilitate the optimization for performance of telecommunication networks. Secondly, there are given available resources on measurements tools for these parameters together with a comparative analysis. Thirdly, the hardware setup for some of these measurements will be explained. Finally, a method to find the robust controller for wireless network is introduced.

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H∞ Control, Wireless Networks

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