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The identity of the Croatian Veteran caught between Guilt and Painful Memory. An Interdisciplinary Approach to PTSD as an Introduction to a Theological Discussion

Jasna Ćurković

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The article presents a brief phenomenological study on a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), starting with a psychological and sociological analysis of their mutual interaction. The author's intention is to point out the field of PTSD for those interested in ethics with regard to the huge difficulties in post-war Croatia which demand scientific receptivity and practical sensibility. Related to this interest in posttraumatic syndrome, the article is focused on some themes that are relevant for determining the causes and the cure of endured traumas, as it is the memory, the sense of guilt and the crisis of identity. Each of these topics is also a subject of theological reflection and that is why theological and anthropological analysis is required. The author argues for a positive insight into these three realities and emphasizes the usefulness that derives from proper behaviour in this regard. Given the experiences of the veterans which are ascertained in the psychotherapy observations and the outcome of the contemporary humanistic psychology, the author indicates the importance of pro-social syndrome and the possibilities that develop from it, as the healthiest way of response to trauma. Therefore, the healing of PTSD through work therapy and by participating in veterans' associations, attest the most excellent results. The ability to turn this horrendous experiences into something good enlightens why theology, anthropology and philosophy have to be incorporated in theoretical research and moreover, in the practical healing of PTSD. The article defines their specific method and the object of research (which traditionally has not examined topics relating to PTSD), nevertheless they are competent to care for and give some prospective to veterans by invoking in them, notions of good and meaning. Doing good, man realizes his good; disclosing the meaning of his difficulties, he is able to hold on in spite of these difficulties. In this issues psychology and theology (philosophy, anthropology, ethics as well) has to pull together. Alongside to healing, it is very important to affirm that prevention too ought to be of theological concern. All religious institutions, Church above all, are encouraged to cooperate in helping veterans, in a practical and theoretical manner. Ethical judgment about a legislative procedure (law-making and law-breaking) is of crucial inference and sometimes has a foremost function in supporting the prevention of and coping with PTSD, development and spreading out of PTSD.

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PTSD; memory; guilt; identity; theology; moral

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