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“From Nothing Onwards”: Thoughts Following up on Nietzsche‘s Understanding of Nihilism

Annamaria Lossi ; Università di Pisa

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str. 79-92

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The author sets out to present the Nothing of nihilism as the driving force behind the history of Western thought referred to as “metaphysics”. The starting points for clarifying the thesis are found in two interpretations of nihilism in the more recent scholarly literature: the understanding of nihilism as “differentiation” and as “overcoming”. The understanding of nihilism as overcoming calls for a broader examination of Nietzsche‘s interpretation of nihilism. On the one hand, the author relies on Heidegger‘s understanding of nihilism and metaphysics, according to which nihilism cannot be separated from metaphysics. At the same time, she seeks to re-formulate the question about Nothing: to what extent can Nothing be phenomenologically understood as the destructive process that reflects metaphysics in its continuously changing guises as metaphysics, i.e. as the interpretative structure that continues to emerge throughout history. The Nothing thereby shows itself as a metaphysical “prerequisite” for man‘s creative power and reality as such.

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Creative power, metaphysics, Nietzsche, nihilism, Nothing, e-evaluation

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