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New Threats and National Security as Perceived by Croatian Citizens

Marinko OGOREC ; Institut za istraživanje i razvoj obrambenih sustava MORH-a, Zagreb

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New challenges and threats of an unconventional and
untraditional nature have put forward the problem of the socalled
"non-military security threat", i.e. military conflict which
does not take place according to international conventions
and rules due to which a new concept of "asymmetric
warfare" has been adopted. A great number of European
countries (including the Republic of Croatia) estimate that
classical conventional attack on a country’s territory in the
current constellation of international relations is not likely, but
on the other hand, the likelihood of unconventional forms of
security threats occurring has greatly increased. In this
context, a research has been conducted whose aim was to
determine the attitudes of the public towards the perception
of contemporary threats and their possible use to threaten
the population of the Republic of Croatia. The results show
that the perception of possible threats to national security in
the majority of the population is connected primarily with
social problems, while various modes of military and
asymmetric threats are considered to be of lesser

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Croatian Army; asymmetric warfare; national security; Croatian society; security threats

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