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Evaluation of Fixed Prosthodontic Appliances after Five Years of Use Using Orthopantomographic Screening in Relation to Material

Ivo Baučić
Jasmina Stipetić
Biserka Lazić
Dragutin Komar
Ketij Mehulić
Maja Baučić

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The aim of this study was to screen patients with fixed prosthodontic appliances, in the mouth for a period of 5 years or more, for root caries and pocket formation, deeper than 3 mm. The aim was also to determine the difference between frequency of pathologic findings for different materials of fixed prosthodontic appliances (FPA), or between abutments and natural teeth. A total of 260 patients (55% women and 45% men) aged from 25 to 70 years, who had a fixed prosthodontic appliance for a period of 5 years or more in their mouth and who were fully satisfied, participated in the study. A total of 260 orthopantomographs were analysed with 2265 teeth, 864 were abutments of the bridges, 407 crowns and the rest natural teeth. Radiographs were analysed for root caries and pocket formation. The results reveal relatively high incidence of pathologic findings (caries, periodontal pockets > 3 mm) in patients with FPDs older than 5 years. Periodontal pockets were more frequent than cervical caries. The highest frequency of pathologic findings was registered for abutments with metal acrylic crowns, and the lowest frequency of pathologic findings was registered for abutments with metal-ceramic crowns (p<0.05). There were no significant differences between abutments with metal-ceramic crowns and non-abutment teeth (p>0.05). There were no significant differences in caries incidence between the examined teeth (p>0.05). Non-abutment teeth and abutments of metal-ceramic crowns had significantly lower frequency of pockets deeper than 3 mm than abutments of metal acrylic and full
metallic crowns (p<0.05).

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fixed prosthodontic partial denture, over 5 years old, orthopantomograph

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