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Resorptive Changes of Maxillary and Mandibular Bone Structures in Removable Denture Wearers

Dubravka Knezović-Zlatarić
Asja Čelebić
Biserka Lazić

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Residual ridge resorption is a result of the influence of many different
local and systemic factors (patient’s age, traumatic damage, different
pathological conditions, mineral metabolism disorders, osteoporosis,
hyperparathyroidism and hormone disbalance).
Some parts of the skeleton react differently to the mentioned factors.
The resorptive changes are not always the same intensity in all the
parts of the skeleton.
There are many different results in the investigation of the relationship between maxillary and mandibular resorption and the resorption of the rest of the skeleton.
Alveolar ridge resorption is correlated with removable denture wearing. The resorption of the edentulous alveolar ridge is more extensive in full or partial denture wearers with mucosa- or mucosa-gingival support than in partial denture wearers with gingiva-mucosal support.
One of the easiest methods for early diagnosis of bone structure changes in the upper and lower jaws is clinical microdensitometry,
using a standardised intraoral or panoramic radiograph.

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resorption, edentulous alveolar ridge, removable denture

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