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Atmospheric Deposition in Forest Ecosystem of Europe and Research of New Methods for Determination of Phosphorus and Ammonia Within a Framework of ICP Forests

Tamara Jakovljević ; Šumarski institut Jastrebarsko
Boris Vrbek ; Šumarski institut Jastrebarsko
Katarina Berković ; Prehrambeni-tehnološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Gabriele Tartani ; CNR ISE, Italija
Jasna Vorkapić-Furač ; Prehrambeni-tehnološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 267-278

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The ICP Forests and EU Regulation aim to conduct intensive and continous monitoring on forests ecosystem as a means of evaluating the damage caused atmosferic pollution and other factors influencing forest con-dition.There is no doubt that phosphorus and nitrogen are among the most im portant elements for the biosphere and its biochemical cycles. Therefore, to get the most correct information about the concentration of different types of these elements is invaluable for understanding the control and creating bioc hemical cycles.In this work the implementation and validation of new colori metric method on automatic analyser for determination of phosphorus and ammonia has been investigeted. The investigation was performed on samples precipitated water in the forest ecosystem.Until now standard methods, spec trophotometry has been used for determination of phosphorus and ammonia.In the validation procedure following criteria have been investiga ted: graphical analyses of measured results, accuarcy, linearity in the working range, the limit of detection, the limit of quantification and the repeatability. The results showed that the method for determination of phosphorus and am monia on automatic analyser is linear in the range of investigation (Table 1), while the t-test has showed that differences between these two methods are not significant being 99,99 %. From the control charts it is obvious that the repeatability (Figure 7 and 8) of the results obtained with new method is good. The limit of detection and the limit of quantification shows more sensibility (Table 2). Therefore, the new method seem to be a good alternative to the standard methods and can be used in the scientific research of ICP Forests because is adapted to specifics of samples from forest.

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ammonia, automatic analyser, CP Forests, phosphorus, precipitated water, spectrophotometry, validation method

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