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Methodology of Team Work in Pastoral Activities: Forms, Denotements and Application

Zvonko Pažin ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Teologija u Đakovu

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The wish of the author is not to present different forms of group work, for there are various manuals on this written in Croatian. He wants to call attention to the very need for this type of work, and to the appropriate approach to this kind of pastoral activities (with an emphasis on parish communities). Refusing directive and spontaneous ways of coordination of pastoral team work, the author points to “formal” team work, which only gives the illusion of real team work, and is a result of fears and of the old habits. Inspired by the application of selection and nomination of the first deacons, the author describes the education for team work, which is primarily the creation of a new mentality that will allow the acceptance of future collaborators, give loving environment and mutual trust. This provides the basis for mutual understanding and acceptance. In such a positive environment team work can blossom in all the crucial spheres of the activities in the Church: kerygma, leitourgia, diakonia (teaching, liturgy, service of charity).

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Team work, lay charismas, services in the Church

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