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Establishment of Particular Curch: Parish and Diocesan Bodies

Marin Srakić

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The paper is divided into three main parts. In the first part we ask ourselves: What to put first when establishing a local Church, love or structures. The history and life of the Church enable us to make an easy decision. Both have their role in the establishment of a Church community. Even during the first days when the Church was young, at the time when the Divine Spirit was establishing the Church community and making it stronger, that same communiy was establishing its own structures. Of course, when they didn't meet the needs of the Church, then they presented an obstacle for the improvement of the community. On the other hand - when created on
healthy roots - they presented an irreplaceable means of a creative affirmation and organized, capillary work. This part also exposes some dfficulties and dangers related to collegial administration as well as the basic principles for the establishment of the structures of a particular Church. The second part deals with the basic principles regarding a parish as "the community of the communities", and the
principles in regard with those who act within it: a parish priest, parish economic council and parish pastoral council. The third part only mentions the basics structures and their role in the establishment of a diocesan community.

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Church structures, diocesan bodies, parish community, parish priest, parish councils

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