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Constantly Engaged. Familiy Pastoral Facing the Challenge of Free Time

Peter Kvaternik ; Ljubljana

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str. 169-188

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Pastoral of free time is a regular pastoral according to its scope - characterised by and imbued with the respect for free time patterns as something given by God, with the appreciotion for different possibilities and requiements of a modern family.
Pastoral in free time should, first of all, see the sign of time in terms of the Second Vatican Council. Modern way of life that our believers lead is craving for some other (new) offers and incentives which would be recommended and carried out by the Church itself. Here we should mention e.g. establishing of Parish Day, of centres that would be used not only for spiritual exercises, but also for the social forms of spending free time; preparing picnics, organising vacations, camping etc. The Church can be successful in this area only if its "offer" is of the same quality, or if it surpasses all the other offers that can be found.

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family pastoral, free time, Sunday, vacation

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