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Extreme Right-Wing Parties and their Variations: Comparative analysis of extreme right-wing parties’ programmes in Western and Eastern Europe

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The main objective of this research is to evaluate variations in the extreme Right in contemporary Europe in order to better define the terminology in use and facilitate the research of radical right parties’ phenomenon. Comparative methods used in the research are content
analysis of the main strategic documents and secondary literature linked to four radical right parties in Europe: Flemish interest, Austrian freedom party, Greater Romania Party and National Union Attack. Variables used in the research are nationalism, values, attitudes
to immigration and integration, economic situation at the time of the first significant success in elections and characteristics of the voting system. The research shows that variations which occur within chosen variables don’t allow for only partial observation of the radical
Right according to the nature of these parties in Western Europe; specific characteristics of the radical Right in post-communist Europe also have to be taken in consideration. Differences in understanding of nationalism, integration and immigration are remarkable and
these variations should be taken in consideration when the overall extreme Right is being researched. The paper also opens up additional space for the research of this phenomenon and the collective evolution of nationalism in Europe.

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radical right, nationalism, immigration, integration, voting systems

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