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The effects of guided systematic aerobic dance programme on the self-esteem of adults

Agnes Tihanyi Hos

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In our research we were seeking answers of the effects of guided, “age-needs specific,” systematic, group aerobic exercise programmes on the self-esteem and self-image of middle-aged women. Fifty three women (ages 48.6 + 5.1) took part in the study who had not participated in any systematic fitness training and worked in intellectual occupations. We formed two groups, i.e., the experimental (EG) and the control (CG) group. Members of the experimental group (n= 25) volunteered to participate in a one-year long aerobic dance programme. The remainder formed the control group (n= 28). We measured self-esteem by the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and self-image by the Tennessee Self-Image Scale. The results of the study showed significant improvements in body image for those middle-aged women who participated in the one-year long aerobic dance exercise programme, while the body images of the control group remained the same. This shows the important intervening role of satisfaction with body image of middle-aged women between systematic aerobic dancing and self-esteem. The one year long systematic aerobic dance programme had a positive effect on self-image, self-esteem, physical condition, and an evaluation of the environment of middle-aged women. On the basis of the results we may conclude that an improved body image can positively influence and stabilize self-esteem. Furthermore, we may assume that the improved self-esteem and self- -image can contribute to an improvements of quality in the lives of middle-aged women and it may compensate for the negative effects of the menopausal period.

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middle-aged women; aerobic dance; self image; body image

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