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Attractiveness of Men’s Faces in Relation to Women’s Phase of Menstrual Cycle

Dariusz Danel
Boguslaw Pawlowski

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In between-subjects studies on two groups of women of the same age, we show that women assess male’s facial attractiveness differently in the follicular (F) and luteal (L) phases. In the high conception risk phase (F), women tended to give higher scores to male faces than when they were in the luteal phase. During the five first days of the cycle, i.e. when the estrogen level is still low, women assessed men’s facial attractiveness relatively highly. We suggest that it is progesterone in the luteal phase that is responsible for lower attractiveness assigned then to male faces. We also tested which anthropometric facial traits or indices influence male attractiveness. We found that assessments of attractiveness were correlated only with mouth height (positively) and the angle between the middle of the mouth and the middle of the eyes (negatively). The results are compared with those from other studies and discussed in the light of evolutionary biology

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women’s preferences, menstrual cycle, eye-mouth-eye angle, face masculinity, face attractiveness

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