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The Relationships between Burn Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Zoran Lončar
Marijana Braš
Vlatko Mičković

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str. 319-325

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This study examined the interrelationships between anxiety, depression and pain in burn injured patients. Seventy patients with severe burns were interviewed within two weeks of their burn trauma. The short form of McGill Pain Questionnaire and a visual analog scale were employed to measure the pain experienced at rest. Anxiety and depression levels were assessed with the Beck Depression Inventory and Beck Anxiety Inventory. The results showed that significant number of patients had suffered from depressive and anxious symptomatology. Higher levels of anxiety and depression were associated with higher pain scores. Percent of total body surface burned was associated with increased pain scores, anxiety and depression. The authors emphasises the need for accurate multidisciplinary assessment and treatment of pain and psychological disorders in burn injured patients which needs to be highly individualized and frequently adjusted according to the patients specific needs.

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burns, pain, anxiety, depression, multidisciplinary approach

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