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Quality of Life Changes after Inguinal Hernia Repair Using Anterior Rectus Sheath – A Preliminary Study

Matija Horžić
Mario Kopljar
Kristijan Ćupurdija
Maja Skupnjak
Jelena Korica
Željko Lacković
Dana Vanjak-Bielen
Leonardo Patrlj


Chronic pain is the most serious long-term complication after groin hernia repair. The aim of this preliminary research was to assess the quality of life before and after standard tension-free mesh repair and new method of tension-free inguinal hernia repair using anterior rectus sheath. Total of 62 patients were evaluated. Anterior rectus sheath method was performed in 29 patients and in 33 patients standard mesh repair was used (Lichtenstein repair). Quality of life was assessed before and after the surgery using short-form SF-36 questionnaire (QualityMetric Inc.), adjusted for Croatian language. There were statistically significant improvements in bodily pain and general health scores in both groups. Patients operated using mesh technique also demonstrated statistically significant improvements in social functioning and emotional role. Similarly, patients in whom inguinal hernia was repaired using anterior rectus sheath had significantly better postoperative scores for physical functioning and role physical scores. Quality of life assessment demonstrated good ability to differentiate between several independent aspects of quality of life. Anterior rectus sheath repair significantly improved quality of life and was shown to be similar to mesh repair in the aspect of physical functioning.

Ključne riječi

quality of life, inguinal hernia, SF-36, surgical flaps, surgical meshes

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