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Intact Radial and Median Nerve after Open Third Degree Distal Fracture of the Humerus

Borislav Has
Slavica Kvolik
Jozo Kristek
Dubravko Habek

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A 54 year old man sustained a third degree open fracture at the distal part of the right humerus with massive soft tissue defect involving most of the upper arm. The radial and median nerves were completely bared and exposed by 6 cm for radial and 3 cm for median nerve. The nerves were in continuity, but there was complete rupture of surrounding muscles: biceps, triceps and brachialis. The fracture was stabilized by external fixation method – reinforced by wires. Preoperative and postoperative sensorimotor status of the right hand was good. One year later sensory and motoric status of right hand showed no deficiencies, but flexion and extension in elbow were limited to 100 and 180 degrees respectively. Pronosupination was restricted. This case report is consistent with results of biomechanical studies in vitro confirming high tolerance of radial and median nerve to stretching injury.

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radial nerve, median nerve, humerus, open and closed fractures, biomechanics

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