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Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847) - Goethe's Favorite

Tomislav Breitenfeld
Darko Breitenfeld
Vesna Vargek-Solter
Alboran Delija
Zvonimir Šostar
Vida Demarin

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Felix Mendelssohn, Goethe's favorite, who revealed the genius of Johann Sebastian Bach after almost a century of oblivion, was of a fragile constitution. Last year of his life he was very depressed because of his sister Fanny's sudden death. The last month he had several attacks of severe headaches with agitation, anxiety, confusion and slow pulse. Last three days these episodes became more frequent and his overall health worsened. After stupor and coma, he died from probable subarachnoid (or cerebral)hemorrhage (with hypertension?), like his sister several months before.

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Famous persons, Music - history, History - 19th century, Brain disease - complications, Subarachnoid hemorrhage - diagnosis

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