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Post-Stroke Depression

Iris Zavoreo
Vanja Bašić-Kes
Marijana Bosnar-Puretić
Vida Demarin

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Depression following a stroke, also referred to as post-stroke depression (PSD), has long been recognized as one of the most common complications of stroke. PSD has significant adverse consequences on the recovery of motor and cognitive deficits, as well as on the risk of mortality associated with stroke. The prevalence of PSD varies over time with an apparent peak 3-6 months after stroke and subsequent decline reaching about 50% of the initial rates at one year. The natural course of major depression after stroke has spontaneous remission typically 1 to 2 years after stroke. However, it has also been observed that depression becomes chronic and may persist for more than 3 years following stroke. On the other hand, minor depression appears to be more variable, with both short term and long term depression occurring in these patients. Early recognition of PSD symptoms and introduction of pharmacological treatment is of great importance in the reduction of stroke complications and stroke mortality as well as for better functional outcome.

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Stroke - complications, Stroke - psychology, Depression - etiology, Depression - drug therapy, Depression - prevention and control

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