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Pastoral Project, Programming and Methodology in the Church’s activity. Contribution to the Development of Programmatic Pastoral Activity

Nikola Vranješ ; Teologija u Rijeci, Područni studij Katoličkog bogoslovnog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Pastoral programming is one of the most distinctive theological-pastoral topics which can be found in Croatian specialized theological-pastoral literature; yet in contemporary practice there is still a lot of resistance to the realization of programmatic approach to the Church’s activity. This phenomenon appears for different reasons. In order to appropriately triumph over negative trends, which somewhere still exert a strong influence, regarding the systematic, organized and well-balanced activities of the Church, it is necessary to clearly define the interrelation of the key components of the programmed pastoral activities, starting with the guidelines of the Magisterium, pastoral project, program and programming. Pastoral project is a particularly emphasized component. In this article the methodology of theological-pastoral identification is used to elaborate on the interrelation of the aforementioned components of pastoral work and, at the same time, to point to certain obstacles which stand in its path in the current pastoral practice in Croatia, illustrating the ways of prevailing over them.

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pastoral activities, guidelines, project, program, bishop, priest, lay believer

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