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A Rough Draft for the Historical Record: Musical Life of the Cathedral and the Theological Seminary in Đakovo

Ivan Andrić ; Biskupija đakovačko-srijemska

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str. 631-662

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The church-musical life that took place in the Cathedral and the Theological Seminary has revealed its surprisingly interesting and diversifi ed nature. Lack of information makes every reference to music and anything referring to it a precious fragment which helps us put this scattered mosaic together. Direct historical data have only been available during the past two centuries, whereas those from the former periods were roundabout, sporadic and scarce. The author of this article provides a chronological analysis of different sources related to this issue, starting with the Middle Ages, thus creating a historical outline of the church-musical life of both the Theological Seminary and the Cathedral in Đakovo whose musical –historical paths have always been connected and mutually impregnated. The end of the article presents short biographies of five priests, former residents of the Theological Seminary in Đakovo, who have exceeded in the field of music.

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church music, church musicians in Đakovo, Theological Seminary in Đakovo, The Cathedral of Đakovo

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