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The Books of the Maccabees in the Croatian Glagolitic literature: The Second Book of the Maccabees in the Croatian Glagolitic breviaries

Vesna Badurina-Stipčević ; Vesna Badurina-Stipčević Prihvaćen: 19. V. 2009. Staroslavenski institut, Zagreb

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The Second Book of the Maccabees (2 Macc) was originally written in
the Greek language at the end of the 2nd century BC and have been preserved also in the later translations Latin, Syrian, Aramaic etc. The readings from2 Macc may be found in 21 Croatian Glagolitic Breviaries in the period from the 13/14th to the middle of the 16th century. Four breviaries: The Fifth Vatican Breviary, The Breviary of Vitus of Omišalj, The Moscow Breviary and The Second Novi Breviary have the longest readings, five of fifteen original chapters. Two translation mainstreams are evident. The texts in The Breviary of Vitus of Omišalj and the shorter texts in The First Vrbnik Breviary, The Breviary of Padova, The Breviary of Pašman, The Breviary of Draguć, The Breviary MR 161, The Mavar’s Breviary, The Tenth Vatican Breviary, and The Breviary from St. Peter’s Archive in Rome mainly belong to the first translation mainstream from Krk-Istrian group known by the traditional Old Testament translations. The second mainstream consists of the readings in the breviaries from the Zadar and Krbava regions with texts adapted to, or translated from Vulgata. These are longer readings in The Fifth Vatican Breviar and The Moscow Breviary, and shorter readings in The Oxford, The First Novi, The Dabar Breviary, The Second Ljubljana Breviary and The Editio Princeps Breviary. The texts in The Second Novi Breviary, The Nineteenth Vatican Breviary, The Bribir Breviary, Baromić’s Breviary and Brozić’s Breviary belong to the midstream that partially coincides with the first mainstream and partially with the second. The basic Croatian Glagolitic texts belonged to the Vulgata Latin codices, close to the corrected codices of the »Paris Bible« from the 13th century. According to the text characteristics
2 Macc belongs to that layer of the Croatian Glagolitic translation which is not from Sts. Cyril and Methodius tradition but was created more recently according to the Latin liturgy. The Glagolitic text from The Vitus of Omišalj Breviary is published in the Latin script transliteration with a critical apparatus with variants from all other breviaries.

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Books of the Maccabees; Second Book of the Maccabees; Croatian Glagolitic Breviaries; Vitus of Omišalj Breviary; Croatian Glagolitic translations from Latin; Vulgata

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